WGST Artists

Angie Alexieff Misha Ambrosia
Kristina Arnold Missy Carini
Teresa Christmas Myra Dwyer
Karen Genter Jill Gentry
Alla Gilbert Lynette Haggbloom
Steve Haggbloom Charles Hurst
Cynthia Huston Angela Kuprion
Susan Lackey David Lenoir
Jack Lesieur Fredric Manuel
Mitchell Rickman Claude Robertson
Lynn Robertson Julie Schuck
Jennifer Sims Jessie Ray Sims
Rhonda Smith Kim Soule
Alice Gatewood Waddell Mildred Wallace
Fleur Whitaker  Beth Reitmeyer
 Jacqui Lubbers

How do I participate as an artist?
Each year we accept applications from area artists to participate in the World’s Greatest Studio Tour. The application deadline is AUGUST 31st this year. The link for the Tour application is below.

World’s Greatest Studio Tour Application